April 04, 2008

Book Review of Ask For It

Diane Levin, who publishes the Mediation Channel blog, has a review of Ask for It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want. This is a book full of advice for women in negotiation. But Levin points out that the book has broader significance:
What makes this book a must-read for men, too, and not just for women are its unpleasant revelations about the realities of hidden bias against women at the negotiation table. The authors exhort readers to take responsibility themselves for combating gender bias, not just that of others but particularly their own. They remind readers that all of us regardless of gender possess assumptions and unexamined beliefs about women in negotiation.

The techniques in this book are a valuable supplement to the negotiation coaching Ombuds provide to their visitors on a regular basis. Ombuds should read Levin's review and add the book to their collection. (Mediation Channel.)

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  1. Tom, thank you kindly for pointing your readers to my review. By the way, I hope you know what a big fan of your blog I am -- I'm not an ombuds, but the information you post here is relevant to anyone who works with people in conflict.

    Best wishes,