December 09, 2016

IOA Seeks Nominations for International Conference Scholarships

IOA has announced details of its annual conference scholarship program.  The financial support is offered to members or prospective members living outside of the United States and Canada, to attend IOA's 12th Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, from April 23-26, 2017. 

In addition, if the recipient(s) of this scholarship have not previously taken the basic IOA course, “Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice,” he/she may also register for the course offered prior to the annual conference from April 21-23, 2017 and have the registration fees waived. 

Through this scholarship initiative, IOA provides greater access for practicing ombuds professionals and other eligible applicants in regions that would greatly benefit from outreach, support and development in the field of ombudsmanry, and from regions where the profession would benefit from greater participation.

Eligibility Criteria
This support is specifically aimed at all members or potential members who work outside the United States and Canada, practice as organizational ombudsmen, and can provide evidence of financial need (i.e. would otherwise not be able to attend the conference). 
Priority will be given to applicants whose participation may be instrumental in the advancement of the organizational ombudsman profession outside of the United States and Canada. Candidates may self-apply or be nominated by another member. Participation of recipients as presenter or panel member during the conference is desirable but not a prerequisite.

Applications will be reviewed by the International Outreach Committee Scholarship Coordinators. Recommendations will then be submitted to the International Outreach Committee for endorsement, and to the Professional Development Committee for information. The International Outreach Committee will determine which applicants will be awarded funding, the maximum amount of expense covered and the form of payment offered.

Depending on the number of recipients, full or partial funding toward travel will be awarded to successful applicant(s) who may also benefit from having the registration fees for the professional development course “Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice” waived, if he/she has not taken it already.

Please submit your application no later than Friday, Janaury 20. 2016 .  (IOA Scholarship Application Info.)

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