December 18, 2016

Job Posting: National Institutes of Health

The NIH Office of the Ombudsman is seeking experienced applicants for a Lead Associate Ombuds job. The position, is similar to a position posted earlier this month, but requires a higher level of experience and has a correspondingly higher classification.  Note, again, that there is a very short application window.

Applicants must have qualifying experience, such as: "initiating, planning and conducting complex neutral third-party interventions including facilitation, mediation, or related conflict resolution methods to resolve workplace disputes; serving as a coach or related resource for an organization's managers and employees on resolving conflict; designing and delivering training on conflict resolution topics." The GS-14 position pays $108,887-$141,555 per year. The application period opened Saturday and Friday, December 23, 2016. (USAJobs.) 

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  1. Another job posting with someone in mind, made just so they can claim the job was "posted". So much for a national search.

  2. I don't believe that's true in this instance. Many Gov positions have small windows because of the sheer volume of applications.

  3. Tom,

    I believe this is the right link for the position.

  4. It definitely seems like NIH has insiders in mind for their current Ombuds vacancies.
    They just hired their own acting director to replace Howard Gadlin as director.
    Watch this one go to another insider too.