December 21, 2016

The Ombuds Blog 2016 Annual Wrap-Up, Part I

This is the Ombuds Blog's sixth annual survey of the Organizational Ombuds stories. A list of the important news items from 2016 will come in three installments before year's end. Here are numbers seven through ten:

10. Internal Survey Promotes Expansion of UN Ombuds -- A report published by an independent oversight body in June 2016 recommended a more robust Ombuds program throughout the United Nations system. The report tacitly acknowledges the benefits of an Ombuds program for a diverse, multinational, and high profile organization.

9. ACCUO's Timeline Maps Ombuds History -- In June, the Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons published a chronology of landmark Ombuds events in higher education in Canada and other countries. The document, which is still a work in progress, is an important outline of Ombuds history from the 1960's to now.

8. IOA Co-hosts Conference in Puerto Rico -- In October, the International Ombudsman Association and Eaton Corp jointly hosted a conference in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. This was the first conference IOA has hosted outside the continental U.S. and important test run for an truly international conference.

7. ABA Promotes Ombuds with Two Remarkable Projects -- The American Bar Association's Section on Dispute Resolution gave Ombuds a big marketing push in 2016. In September, the ABA Dispute Resolution Law School Task Force completed its year-long project of a free, downloadable PowerPoint presentation about all types of Ombuds for law school instructors. Then, in November, the Fall issue of Dispute Resolution Magazine was devoted to the Ombuds field (and a special arrangement made the fire-walled site available to Ombuds Blog readers).

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