February 13, 2017

Call for Proposals: 2017 Summer Academic Ombuds Meeting

The 15th Annual Summer Academic Ombuds Meeting is set for June 26-27 at Michigan State University.  Organizers are inviting abstract from presenters for interactive discussions. Originally a regional event, the conference is growing into an important gathering of Ombuds who seek a focus on academic issues not available at the larger IOA conference.

According to conference planners, "The Summer Meeting provides an opportunity for academic ombuds to become better acquainted, to share concerns unique to our professional environments, and to support and learn from each other’s experiences in a relatively-intimate, informal setting." Interested presenters must submit a short, one or two paragraph description of their topic, including the format and the length (20 minutes to 1.5 hours). The Planning Committee strongly prefers interactive discussions and audience participation. Suggested topics include:

  • Challenges facing Academic Ombuds; 
  • Ombuds as change agents; 
  • Ombuds as leaders;
  • Diversity and inclusion; 
  • The Clery Act;
  • Ombudsing in our post-election climate; 
  • Ombudsing in a digital age; and 
  • Other issues relevant to Academic Ombuds.
Proposals should be submitted to Shannon Lynn Burton, Associate Ombudsperson at Michigan State University (sburton@msu.edu) by February 23rd, 2017. She will also answer questions by email or phone (517-353-8830).

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