November 16, 2009

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Promises to Restore Ombuds Program

Administrators at the sprawling, 19,777-student public university have said they will hire an Ombuds to promote diversity and tolerance on campus. Cal Poly had an Ombuds program from about 2000 to 2004, but the position always had other student affairs duties. The move is part of a broader campaign to address harassment, hate, bias and insensitivity after a noose and confederate flag were found in university housing. David Conn, Cal Poly’s vice provost for academic programs and undergraduate education, promised to hire an Ombuds to field complaints on campus about prejudice and other issues, including sexual harassment. A timeline and salary haven’t been determined, and Conn said the position likely would be filled internally because of the university’s budget crisis. (San Luis Obispo Tribune.)

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