November 24, 2009

Profile of Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation Ombuds

The latest alumni magazine for Sarah Lawrence College features a profile of Rona Carr, the Organizational Ombuds for the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation. Regarding her work, she said:
I don’t dance at all, but I’ve always wanted to work with a performing arts organization—they have interesting human resources challenges. You have to work with the person as a whole person, because for performers, how they feel when they get up in the morning affects how they do their jobs. In business there are much stricter parameters for what topics you talk about. In the performing arts, people are romantic together, they scream at each other, and the relationships are a lot more open.

Carr is also the founder and principal of Austin International Group, a human resources, business communications and project management consulting company. (Sarah Lawrence Magazine.)

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