November 02, 2009

BIOA Offering Ombuds Training and Certification

The British and Irish Ombudsman Association is offering two new qualifications: Professional Award in Ombudsman and Complaint Handling Practice; and Professional Certificate in Ombudsman and Complaint Handling Practice. Both programs are offered in conjunction with Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh and are aimed at practicing Classical Ombuds. The coursework for the Professional Award and Certificate is based on the 12 BIOA recommended complaint handling standards or competencies:
  1. Complaint assessment and alternatives to investigating
  2. Effective investigation
  3. Reaching and acting on findings
  4. Providing a high impact service that is responsive, transparent, empathetic, authoritative, standards based and proportionate
  5. Operating within legal and procedural frameworks
  6. Communicating effectively
  7. Producing clear, unambiguous written documents
  8. Effectively managing data
  9. Researching, managing and presenting knowledge and information from a variety of source
  10. Maintaining personal security and safety and being alert to the security of others
  11. Managing your own resources and professional development
  12. Working together and promoting diversity
The Professional Award is a four-day course; the pilot offering took place in early October. The Professional Certificate is a five-day course and will be offered twice in February 2010. Applications for the Certificate are being accepted through November; the cost is £1250 ($2,100). (BIOA Pilot Courses Brochure; BIOA Professional Certificate Application.)

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