November 05, 2009

Update: Jury Deliberating University of Washington Rape Case

Jurors have been given the civil case filed by a student against UW after an alleged rape by a football player. The plaintiff, known as only "S.S." in court papers, was an 18-year old freshman equipment manager who claimed she was assaulted by a former boyfriend, Roc Alexander, a member of the 2001 Rose Bowl team. Although Alexander was never charged with a crime, the plaintiff sued the university for $800,000, alleging negligence and gender discrimination. The role of the UW Ombuds, who tried to mediate between the two students, remains a relevant issue in the case. According to a local news station:
One other crucial piece of evidence got both sides arguing to the jury—a handwritten letter, signed by the plaintiff in October, 2001, saying, "With this I consider the issue I brought to the Ombudsman's office thoroughly taken care of… and closed."

More details to be posted when they become available. (King 5 TV.)

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  1. We as a jury would have filed for the Plantiff if the wording in the Jury Instructions vs the Jury Verdict form werent flawed. The arguement became the UW didnt have an impact on her "educational opportunities" vs her "educational environment" (that all 12 of us agreed were affected) However, because of two lone Jurors who swung the vote in the defenses side solely because they woulndt report a hung jury verdict as it was raining outside and they had a long bus ride home. this was NOT a jury of a sexually assaulted 19 year old females peers! this case was to have a hung jury and as the sole vote for the plantiff I hope she finds the strength to appeal the poor decision I was a part of. The only reason they flipped in the UW's favor was because her gpa of 3.7 average did not slip, NOR did it get better! S.S. is the type of individual that if her "educational opportunites" werent affected, instead of going home every night depressed and crying, she could of easily gone on to become class president, validictorian.. deans list. Just becase her gpa didnt slip doesnt mean the UW's actions were ok. She went to school, did her work and passed every class she took and graduated on time BECAUSE she was only focused on keeping her head up and not slipping and keeping her mind off of the memories of her rape. Im upset to of even been on the jury with the people I was.... we were hung at 5-7 and not one of them could of opened their minds outside the hard evidences, which was non-existent in this case. Even without sympathy for the plantiff any normal human being would of sided for her to at least cover the years of therapy she paid out of her own pocket. ..... Juror #5 S.S. Vs. UW