November 09, 2009

Update: NHL Ombuds Steps Down

Yesterday, Buzz Hargrove resigned his position as Interim Ombuds of the National Hockey League Players' Association. Hargrove's ouster had been widely anticipated -- he had been criticized for supporting the NHLPA board's decision last month to fire its Executive Director, Paul Kelly. In his defense, Hargrove asserted that his investigations and advocacy were consistent with his role as a players' Ombuds. Hargrove served as the NHLPA Ombuds since just February, when Eric Lindros resigned from the position. Hargrove is the former president of the Canadian Auto Workers union and was awarded the the Order of Canada at a ceremony in Ottawa Friday. As the part-time NHLPA Ombuds, Hargrove earned $115,000 (CDN) per annum. (Toronto Star; National Post; CBC Sports.)

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