February 25, 2010

Canada's Best-Known Ombuds Will Not be Rehired Automatically, Must Compete For Reappointment

The provincial government of Ontario has decided not to renew the appointment of André Marin, Ombudsman of Ontario. Marin--the Past President of Forum of Canadian Ombudsmen and North American Regional VP of the International Ombudsman Institute--will be completing his first five-year term on March 31, 2010.
Premier Dalton McGuinty confirmed that Marin would not be automatically reappointed and denied that Marin's sharp criticism of the provincial government was a motivating factor. Marin, who has been tweeting the developments, said that he will seek reappointment and supports an open and transparent selection process. (Toronto Star; Canadian Press; Ont_Ombudsman Twitter.)

Marin is still scheduled to address the annual IOA conference as a keynote speaker on April 8, just a week later. He is always a compelling speaker and clearly relishes his watchdog role; under the circumstances he may be unleashed.

2/10/10 Update: An online petition seeks the reappointment of Marin and already has more than 100 signatures. (GoPetition.) 

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  1. Correction: My initial post mistakenly indicated that Marin would not seek reappointment.