February 24, 2010

University of Missouri, Kansas City, Will Create Ombuds for Some Faculty

The UMKC School of Arts & Sciences--one of 12 academic divisions within the 15,000 student university--is looking for a Faculty Ombuds. Dr. Ronald MacQuarrie, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, said the person who fills the new position will serve as advisor to faculty members who have concerns about policy applications and implementations. "The ombudsperson will be a trusted faculty member who is very knowledgeable about the university's procedures and processes, about university offices and administrative structure and who will be able to provide the faculty member with guidance, with information and recommendations as to how address the concerns." MacQuarrie said the Ombuds will have access to administrative information not available to faculty members. (University News.)

This seems to be unrelated to the effort to create a "Intellectual Diversity" Ombuds for the University of Missouri system a couple years ago. What is curious is limited focus of the new Ombuds: If this is a good idea for the faculty in one divisions, why not the broader campus?

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