February 15, 2010

Ombuds Can Mitigate High Costs of Internal Conflict for Law Firms

The current issue of the ABA magazine "Law Practice Today," features an article on how law firms can use an Ombuds to resolve conflicts. The article identifies three costs for firms that fail to manage internal conflicts: loss of talent, loss of clients and legal actions. The author also offers some insightful advice that is not often found in these types of overview articles.
There are many different forms that an ombudsman’s role can take, including that of a full-time or part-time employee, or as an independent contractor or consultant. Exactly which structure would most benefit a particular firm is a critical issue that should be considered in advance. Firms also should consider whether they are willing to take the corrective and organizational actions recommended by an ombudsman before engaging one.

The article was written by Andrew Cohn, a former litigator who is now a conflict management consultant. (Law Practice Today.)

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