February 09, 2010

First Ombuds Certification Exam: 96% Pass Rate

The Board of Certification for Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioners Board (CO-OP) has announced that 96% of the applicants passed the first certification examination. Forty-seven people sat for the computer-based test betweenNovember 30 and December 5, 2009. Subsequently, a psychometrician with Schroeder Measurement Technologies, Inc., and a panel of Organizational Ombuds developed a passing score of 405 for the exam, which has a scaled score of 100 to 500. The CO-OP exam will be offered again in a paper-and-pencil format on the first day of the IOA Annual Conference, Thursday, April 8, 2010, at 7:00 am, in New Orleans. (The exam is not included in conference fees and conference registration is not required to take the exam.) Subsequently, the test will be administered in a computer-based format at many testing centers around the world. (CO-OP News.)

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