February 02, 2010

Profile of National Naval Medical Center Ombuds

The latest issue of DC Military Journal features a story of Barbara I. Moidel, who has serve as the Ombudsman/Mediator at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda. Moidel her career at the Navy's flagship medical center in 1980 in speech pathology. After mediating for other federal agencies, Moidel designed and created NNMC's Organization Ombudsman and Mediator Program in 2001, the Navy's first Organizational Ombuds office in a healthcare setting. The program later expanded to the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, VA, the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and will soon be implemented at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, CA, and the Naval Hospital in Okinawa, Japan.

The NMMC program was renamed the Healthcare Mediation Program in 2007, but Moidel continues her Ombuds work with patients, family members and the public as Special Assistant to the Commander and Deputy Commander. She also serves as the Specialty Advisor to the Navy Surgeon General for Healthcare Mediation. Moidel earned her BS from Ohio University and a MA in Speech Pathology from Western Michigan University. (DC Military Journal; see also, Resolve Advisors Bio.)

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