February 04, 2010

Seattle University Looking to Open Ombuds Office

The 7,500-student Jesuit Catholic university has been considering an Ombuds program since the concept was approved by the Academic Assembly three years ago. Recently, the propsal has been revived and the SU trustees have allocated money for an IOA-compliant office (estimated to be between $200,000 and $500,000). Nonetheless, it may years more before the office is created. The plan would create a part-time Ombuds that would serve exclusively faculty and staff. One of the leading Organizational Ombuds, Toni P. Robinson is an alum of SU Law School. (SU Spectator; MIT Ombuds Office.)


  1. Wow. $200k to $500k for a PT ombuds? Are they planning to buy a building?

  2. If you read the article, it's clear that they are getting advice from an IOA member. The University is even considering a dedicated server and outside legal counsel.