June 21, 2010

Columbia Ombuds Offers Insights on Her Career Change

Bathabile Mthombeni, the Associate Ombuds at Columbia University, was recently interviewed for 85 Broads, a network for high-achieving women. Mthombeni describes how and why she transitioned into the Ombuds field after working as a New York litigation attorney.

Although she no longer practices as an attorney, she says that her legal experience is very relevant to her work as an Ombuds.
I rely on my legal training quite a lot. It helps in so many different ways. For example, it taught me how to spot issues, organize information and understand how and where the rules apply. Legal training helps you break down information in a systematic fashion and evaluate the merits and pitfalls of the potential solutions. I think my legal training enables me to understand and analyze the whole picture.
(85 Broads.)

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