June 07, 2010

Ombuds Perspectives on Buenos Aires ODR Forum

Last week, Daniel Rainey and Frank Fowlie both attended the 2010 Online Dispute Resolution Forum, “Peace Building in the Digital-Era.” Rainey, who is the Ombuds and Director of ADR Services for the National Mediation Board, was impressed by the turn out and predicts that demand will soon result in a Spanish language page for ODR.info.

He also said,
Finally, there was for the first time serious talk of taking the sponsoring organization (NCTDR) and making it a more formal organization, perhaps even a membership organization along the lines of ACR or IOA. That’s an exciting and daunting prospect, of which more later. (Daniel Rainey's Blog.)
Fowlie, the Ombuds for ICANN, posted the presentation he made with Doug Leigh of FairShakeODR, “ODR within Developing Nations: Evaluating Transfer and Impact One Year After the 2008 ODR Forum.” After surveying the recent progress of the field, they boldly conclude that, “ODR may be poised to supersede ADR as an efficient and effective means for resolving disputes.” Fowlie and Leigh also agree that ODR needs a professional network. (ICANN Ombudsman Blog.)

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