June 09, 2010

University of Waterloo Renames Ombuds Office

The 25,000-student public university in Ontario has changed the Office of the Ombudsperson into the Student Resource Office. UW Ombuds Evalena Matlock-Corley is on maternity leave and the interim Student Resource Coordinator said that the office hasn't been widely known and hopes to better engage students.

Although the program has been renamed, its role remains similar. According to its website, "The Student Resource Coordinator provides an impartial, independent, and objective service to all members of the University community, including staff, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students." The site also states that services are confidential. Eley, who previously was a community coordinator for campus housing at Waterloo, believes there is "huge potential" for the newly renamed office. (UW Daily Bulletin.)

What's in a name? Would that which we call a rose, by another name smell as sweet?

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