June 04, 2010

Friday Poll: Preaching to the Choir?

Have I written a post about you or your Ombuds program?

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  1. Key point here is WHO are we talking to?
    While enjoyable and beneficial to speak to each other as to how we work, how we could work better, and the like, the real opportunity comes in the field connecting and communicating more fully with OTHER FIELDS and KINDS OF PEOPLE. I would stretch this well beyond other ADR groups such as ACR and the like. We need a presence in the general management literature for example and presentations at the American Management Association and the like. We also are woefully immature in terms of a capacity to act on legislative issues.

    Like our Choir more than well enough.
    We need to preach and sing more broadly.


  2. Results
    Yes 9 (52%)
    Kinda. Not me, but my program. 4 (23%)
    No. Not yet. 4 (23%)