February 28, 2011

IOA Updates and Opportunities

The International Ombudsman Association is seeking submissions for its quarterly newsletter, organizers for regional advisory committees and sponsors for the upcoming conference.

Co-editors of the IOA Independent Voice, Samantha Levine-Finley (levinesa [at-sign] od [dot] nih [dot] gov) and Andrew Cohn (andrew [at-sign] lighthouseteams [dot] com), are requesting articles for the Spring issue. Submissions could any of the regular newsletter features:
  • Case Review: Anonymously describe a difficult or interesting case and how you handled it.
  • Outside the Ombuds Office: A list of 3-5 links to online resources, articles or websites that are relevant and helpful for organizational ombudsmen.l?
  • Listserv Learnings: A summary of the advice and suggestions received by a listserv member after posing a question to the community.
  • Ombudsman Toolkit: Ideas, skill-building techniques, courses, best practices, practice questions or other useful information.
  • Legal and Legislative Affairs Update: Explorations and insights into laws, regulations or rulings of relevance to organizational ombudsmen.
  • What Would You Do: An opportunity to prepare a short case study and pose a question to your colleagues asking how they have handled or would handle the situation described.
  • Here & There: Interviews with ombuds in two different countries.
  • Open for Business: Spotlight on a new or expanding ombudsman office.
Contributions, ideas, and input are requested by March 9, 2011.

The IOA International Committee has announced the creation of Regional Advisory Committees to serve as a conduit of information and mutual support between the association and current international members as well as promoting the profession, monitoring legislation and regulations and identifying viable partners to assist in the growth of the profession. Committees are currently working in place for Canada and Europe, and new ones are being convened for Latin America/Caribbean, Africa and Middle East, and Asia and Pacific. Ombuds with offices or visitors in the regions and who are interested in working on an advisory committee should contact Camilo Azcarate, IOA International Committee, RAC Coordinator (camiloazcarate [at-sign] yahoo [dot] com) by March 15, 2011.

The IOA Conference Committee is encouraging members and their organizations to support the Annual Conference through financial contributions. Conference sponsorships support the educational programs for members at the conference and the overall work of the Association to promote the Ombuds role and profession. To become a sponsor or for more information, contact Dana Martz at (908) 359-1184 or via email (dmartz [at-sign] association-partners [dot] com).

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