February 23, 2011

New Ombuds Course at Southern Methodist University

SMU has added "The Role of an Ombuds in Organizational Conflict" to its list of electives for a certificate or master's in conflict resolution at the Simmons School of Education & Human Development. Belinda Newman, the Ombuds at the University of North Texas, is the instructor for the course that started January 25 and runs through March 29.

The course uses Chuck Howard's book as the text and covers the following topics over nine lectures:
  1. What is an Ombuds? Overview and History of Ombuds /Ombuds Role in an Integrated Dispute Resolution System
  2. Standards of Practice - Confidentiality, Privilege and Notice
  3. Standards of Practice – Independence
  4. Standards of Practice - Neutrality/Impartiality, Informality
  5. Structuring an Ombuds Office / IRSH/Mandatory Reporting
  6. Fairness, Organizational Justice, and Politics
  7. Conflict Coaching and the Ombuds / Conflict Competent Organizations
  8. Ombuds Role with HR, Ethics, Compliance / Ombuds as Organizational Change Agent
  9. Workplace Bullying & Retaliation
Several other Ombuds will be guest lecturers. (Course Descriptions; Syllabus; Faculty Profile.)

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