February 14, 2011

USC Athletic Director Considering Ombuds for Student-Athletes

Pat Haden, who became the Athletic Director just weeks after the University of Southern California was suspended from NCAA Division One Football for two years, says that he is considering an Ombudsman for student athletes. The remarks came last week at a conference with NCAA and NFL officials and sports agents to educate administrators on agent issues.

At a press conference following the summit, Hayden said:
Maybe a third take-away, as I'm thinking here now, is really having some sort of ombudsman in the athletic department that can really be a counselor to them. That is viewed independent of us. That can give them real advice about choosing an agent and what do you do if you sign a big contract and those kind of things.

No other details have been announced by USC, but Haden's comments are tracking recent developments in the Ombuds field and acknowledge a need for amateur- and student-athletes.  If USC, which doesn't have any kind Ombuds program, were to create an Ombuds for its athletes, it could be a watershed event.

1 comment:

  1. Providing an intermediary for student athletes at an institution like USC makes very good sense, not only from the perspective of supplying a confidential sounding board for those with potential issues; but from a business standpoint as well. Additional provisions should be put in place, like UCSB's whistleblower clause, which protects ombudsmen from having to come forward with a complaint made by an affected party. But, in general, if conflicts can be resolved off the fields of play, it would be better for the athlete, coach and the school.