March 17, 2011

Georgetown Medical School Ombuds Practices Mind-Body Medicine

Nancy Harazduk is the director of the Georgetown University School of Medicine Mind-Body Medicine Program and has served as the Ombuds for Georgetown medical students student since 2006. She says that her personal mission of “healing the healers,” one person at a time has been a perfect fit for her Ombuds work.

“This may be considered somewhat unorthodox in the realm of ombud services, but these are strategies that help, and can’t hurt,” says Harazduk. She believes she is the only Ombuds using this approach in her work. (GUMC News; GUMC Bio.)

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  1. Laurie Patterson3/17/2011 7:28 AM

    I wouldn't consider it "unorthodox" at all. I am an ombuds for providers and caregivers in a healthcare system, and I have created and teach a three-day course which includes research on the effects of self-care, communication, and conflict resolution - aspects of self that caregivers traditionally neglect to their peril.