March 07, 2011

Pomona College Revisits Ombuds Proposal

After a failed search for its first Ombuds two years ago, the liberal arts college has reopened discussion of the issue. According to a statement by the President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity, “One of the reasons the search was not successful is that there were different understandings among community members/groups as to the role of an ombudsperson.”

Last month, the advisory committee held three townhall meetings to educate stakeholders and solicit input on how an Ombuds would fit the campus. According to a committee member, the February forums showed that the staff were very much in favor of hiring an Ombuds. College President David Oxtoby is also said to support an Ombuds for the campus, but a decision has not yet been made to begin a search. (Pomona College Student Life.)

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