March 16, 2011

Electronic Eavesdropping at University of Iowa Highlights Role of Ombuds

Earlier this week, the University of Iowa launched an investigation into complaints that supervisors at at a medical clinic used a hidden baby monitor to eavesdrop on employees to determine whether they were talking too much. The situation was initially reported to the university's police and Ombuds, and the employees' local union.

The coverage by Associate Press concludes with this paragraph:
University ombudsperson Cynthia Joyce said she could not comment about the case or any other involving her office to protect the confidentiality of employees who complain. Asked how the public would be able to judge her handling of complaints, she said, "We don't answer to the public. We answer to the University of Iowa."
(AP via Chicago Tribune.)

I'm very fond of that response, but I suspect that Joyce was not actually that terse.

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