March 10, 2011

Iowa State University Ombuds and Librarian Create Online Conflict Guide for Staff

ISU Ombuds Officer Elaine Newell and librarian Jeff Kushkowski are the co-creators of a new online resource for employees. The guide was built with software designed for creating class resource guide contains information about university resources and conflict resolution.

Newell believes the Ombuds Office Resource Guide is unique.
"Many other ombuds officers around the country have resources included on their websites," she said. "But as far as I can tell, Iowa State is the first ombuds office to partner with the library and use this software to provide self-help information for people who are trying to deal with conflict.

"I'm always happy to work with people in a face-to-face meeting," she added, "but for those who'd rather try to work out their own conflicts, this guide may give them just what they need."

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