March 21, 2011

Job Posting: University of Texas Medical Branch

The medical center in Galveston is seeking again accepting applications for its first Faculty Ombudsman. The 20% position will serve as a confidential and informal resource for the faculty. Applicants must have a PhD or MD, and have held a faculty appointment in an academic institution. Preferred qualifications include formal training in conflict management or alternative dispute resolution; experience at a university medical center; record of prior contributions in providing institutional service in a private of public sector health care setting.

UTMB has sought to fill this position since the Summer of 2008, but there has been a dearth of qualified external applicants. In January 2011, the faculty senate considered loosening the application requirements, but ultimately did not. No salary or closing date indicated. (UTMB Jobline, Job Opening No. 21481; Faculty Senate Minutes.)

Prior: Job Posting.

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