March 29, 2011

Eaton Ombuds to Present Program on Running a Global Office

On April 14, Ilene Butensky and Sophia Qiao will speak at the American Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Section annual conference in Denver. Along with Chuck Howard, the two Ombuds for Eaton Corporation will discuss, "Implementing a Global Corporate Dispute Resolution Program."

Here's the summary of their concurrent session:
Resolution of workplace disputes can be especially challenging in the global corporate setting, where many workers are no longer traditional employees, where they may work remotely or are connection with others in their organization only electronically, and where the workforce includes people from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. This program will describe how an organizational ombudsman program can be an effective supplement to formal channels such as HR and compliance in helping people raise issues and resolve disputes informally and in a confidential manner. The program will feature the experience of Eaton Corporation, a global manufacturing company, which began its organizational ombudsman program in the United States and has since expanded it to Central and South America, China, India, and the United Kingdom.
Butensky and Howard will both be speaking, in separate sessions, at the IOA conference next week. (ABA DRS Conf. Info., Program Summaries.)

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