March 27, 2012

Princeton Surveys Ombuds Users

A new survey at the Princeton University Ombuds Office asks for feedback from visitors. The questions posed by Ombuds Wokie Nwabueze, who was hired six months ago, cover a range of services issues and allow for written feedback. 

The questions include: 
  • Is the Office of the Omubudsman conveniently located? 
  • Was the intake staff pleasant and empathetic to your situation? 
  • Were you seen by the Ombuds Officer within a reasonable amount of time? 
  • Did you find the Ombuds Officer attentive to your needs? 
  • Were your inquiries and phone calls handled in a timely manner? 
  • Did you feel you were treated respectfully? 
  • Were your concerns, issues and questions listened to and addressed appropriately? 
  • Did the Ombuds Officer treat you as an individual regarding your unique needs and conerns? 
  • Were effective solutions or alternatives provided by the Ombuds Officer? 
  • Do you feel your complaint was handled in a confidential manner? 
  • Do you believe it is vitally important to ensure objectivity the Ombuds Office remain independent of existing University structures? 
  • If you have another issue would you return to the Office of the Ombudsman? 
  • If a friend of yours has a problem, would you recommend he/she seek help at the Office of the Ombudsman? 
  • Without the assistance of the Office of the Ombudsman, would you have possibly sought legal assistance outside of the University for your issue? 
  • Do you feel the Ombuds Officer was knowledgeable in University policies, procedures and regulations? 
  • Are you satisfied with the degree of change in the issue for which you sought advice/assistance? 

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