March 26, 2012

Furniture World Magazine: Use Ombuds to Tame Workplace Bullies

The latest issue of the a trade publication founded in 1870 includes an article on, "Taming Disruptive Workplace Behavior." The author offers five concrete actions that managers must take to prevent workplace bullying when it occurs. The fourth includes having an Ombuds or other mechanism that is: accessible; confidential; and trusted by both the individual making the claim and by those who are part of the claim. 

The five suggested steps are: 
1. Adopt a workplace bullying policy;
2. Communicate and educate the workforce about the policy;
3. Set expectations that the policy will be followed without exception;
4. Establish an anonymous hotline and investigation process to field complaints; and
5. Record the results of the policy to keep it up-to-date. 
The article was written by Marty Martin, the Director of the Health Sector Management MBA Concentration and an Associate Professor at DePaul University. (Furniture World.)

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