February 13, 2014

Eastern Michigan University Names Ombuds

EMU has appointed Chiara Hensley to serve as its new Ombuds. “I love helping students find their way and grow through the often complex and difficult challenges of college life,” Hensley said. “Having been an EMU student, I know the campus and can relate to the student experience firsthand, which brings a helpful lens to the work I do as ombuds.” 

According to a profile in the local independent newspaper, Hensley grew up in Ann Arbor, but moved to Los Angeles, Calif. after graduation to work in film and television production, becoming executive assistant to model Tyra Banks. She graduated from the University of Michigan and then earned a master’s degree from EMU.  She then worked for 12 years as a professor, program director and counselor at Pasadena City College.  Last year, she also earned a doctorate in education from Nova Southeast University. (Eastern Echo; LinkedIn.)

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  1. Post was updated 2/16/14 and Hensley's position title changed. According to a correction posted by the Eastern Echo: "Ombuds is Chiara Hensley’s official position at Eastern Michigan University. When Hensley took over, it was decided that the position name would change from ombudsman to ombuds in the name of gender-inclusion."