February 26, 2014

Pending Federal Ombuds Legislation Appears Unlikely to Pass

Blogger and ADR expert, F. Peter Phillips says that the U.S. Congress is not likely to enact any of the proposed laws regarding Ombuds.

Here's a clip:
Ombudsman Legislation: Proposals have been advanced for the creation of an Ombudsman for Immigration Related Concerns (S. 744 and H.R. 15); a Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council Ombudsman (H.R. 1553); a Federal Air Marshall Service Ombudsman (H.R. 64); a Transportation Security Administration Ombudsman (H.R. 84); and a State Home Care Ombudsman (S. 998). With the exception of S. 744, none of these bills is progressing and no further action has been taken.  
(Business Conflict Blog, h/t John Zinsser.)

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  1. A TSA Ombudsman already exists. Not sure why one would be proposed again.