February 05, 2014

New CERN Ombuds Continues Newsletter Articles

Sudeshna Datta-Cockerill, who was appointed to be the Ombuds for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is has published her first article for the CERN employee newsletter.  In the first piece, Datta-Cockerill addresses the change that comes with the end of research projects.

She writes:
Contracts come to an end, projects move from one phase to another, hierarchy changes… in the 21st century, things have the tendency to move very quickly in the work environment. Although no change comes without a large dose of stress, the key is to see it as an opportunity for professional growth – keeping in mind that in every end there is a new beginning. 
Her predecessor, announced that Vincent Vuillemin, started the tradition of writing articles shortly after he established the CERN Ombuds Office in 2010. (CERN Bulletin.)

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