February 11, 2014

University of Oregon Appoints First Ombuds

UO has hired Bruce MacAllister to be its first University Ombudsperson.  A campus email from President Michael Gottfredson said that MacAlister would start in March.  The announcement provided some details about MacAllister's background:

MacAllister comes to the university from Santa Fe, New Mexico, where most recently he served as the Ombudsman Program Director for the International Foundation for Online Responsibility. He brings 20 years’ experience working with the University of California, where he served for ten years as the first Ombuds Program Director for Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has exceptional experience in the design, implementation, and program management of ombuds programs and has helped to launch a number of ombudsman programs in higher education and corporate settings both nationally and internationally.
MacAllister graduated from Phillips University and earned a JD from the University of Tulsa.  (UO Matters.)

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1 comment:

  1. This is great news for U of O and the field.
    Bruce has so much valuable experience and insight as well as a valuable outlook.

    Best of luck Bruce!

    John W. Zinsser
    Co-founder and Principal
    Pacifica Human Communications, LLC.
    Adjunct Faculty
    Negotiation and Conflict Management
    Columbia University