June 06, 2014

Mary Rowe, MIT Ombuds, to Retire

After four decades of conflict resolution at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and leadership within the Ombuds profession, Mary Rowe has announced her retirement.  Rowe came to MIT in 1973 as one of two Special Assistants the the President, a role that evolved into that of an Organizational Ombuds.

In 1984, Rowe helped create the Corporate Ombudsman Association, which became The Ombudsman Association, and later the International Ombudsman Association.
Next year, Rowe will continue in her role as adjunct professor at Sloan. She’ll be writing papers about several different topics, including the origin of the Ombuds Office, giving ad hoc lectures on the role of bystanders in cases of bullying and harassment, and revising her course on OpenCourseWare to make it more accessible.

MIT has opened a search for her replacement as Toni Robinson continues in her role as the other MIT Ombuds.  (The Tech.)

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