June 26, 2014

SCI and Pacifica Announce Alliance for Collegiate Athletic Ombuds

The Sports Conflict Institute and Pacifica Human Communications have unveiled a new collaboration to implement cutting-edge, informal conflict management systems with college athletic departments to better manage risk and optimize performance. In essence, the partnership will seek to promote the establishment of Ombuds programs in intercollegiate athletic programs and the NCAA.

In a press release, Joshua Gordon, SCI founder, said: “Organizational ombuds programs provide the opportunity to neutralize conflict. Frankly, the sports industry is decades behind other sectors in leveraging conflict management systems to reduce the high costs from ad hoc response to issues. Sports are cutting-edge in so many ways that it makes sense to bring innovation to how they handle challenges.” John Zinsser, PHC co-founder, added, “The insular nature of a team makes it tough for a coach or player to seek outside help or get another opinion, which is what makes an organizational ombuds program so well-suited to help manage the headline exploding issues in today's college sports.” (SCI Press Release.)

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  1. For this audience, the headline should have referred to 'Zinsser' instead of 'Pacifica,' (I know you love editorial input.)
    -The Angry Ombuds