June 02, 2014

Ombuds to Address American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Two Ombuds from the Eaton Corporation will speak to the ACCJ at the Tokyo American Club on June 18, 2014. "Organizational Ombuds Programs - Their Role, Value and Impact" will be the topic presented by Ilene Butensky, Vice President of Eaton's Office of Ombuds, and Sophia Qiao, Eaton's Ombuds for Asia and the Pacific.

The event is co-hosted by ACCJ's Human Resource Management Committee and Legal Services Committee. It is open to the public. (ACCJ Calendar.)

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  1. This is so GREAT!
    Hope it goes as smoothly as all those Eaton International Roll-outs go.


    Made me smile recalling the presentation I made to ACCJ in 1996.
    Title: Getting to Value, Managing Organizational Conflict in International Businesses with and Ombuds.

    Still have the Sumo Tie they gave me.
    Might need to get that out!

    John W. Zinsser

  2. Hooray! This is a wonderful opportunity to increase understanding and acceptance for the organizational ombuds in Japan. Thank you Ilene and Sophia! And than you Eaton!!

    Jan Schonauer

  3. This also builds on the important work done by Professor Yoshiko Takahashi.