June 05, 2014

Coalition of Federal Ombuds Eyes Strategic Initiatives

At its May 2014 meeting, CoFO discussed several topics that could take the group into new areas. Agenda items included:

  1. How can we improve interagency collaboration among ombudsman offices?
  2. How would you propose to increase engagement and outreach by CoFO?
  3. Ombuds Value Project
  4. 2014 Annual Meeting Committee
  5. Anti-Bullying Policy
  6. Upcoming United States Ombudsman Association (USOA) Conference
  7. CoFO Membership List and Listserv
The minutes from the meeting also included a summary of discussions held during CoFO's annual conference in September 30, 2013. Using an "O.M.B.U.D.S." program evaluation model (Opportunities, Measuring, Barriers, Uncertainties, Development, Strategies), participants reflected on challenges and opportunities for expanding and improving upon dispute resolution systems within the government.  (CoFO Minutes.)

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