June 04, 2014

Registration Opens for 2014 Summer Meeting of Academic Ombuds

The agenda and registration information for the 12th summer meeting of college and university Ombuds at Marquette University on July 20-21 are now available.  The annual event (formerly known as the 'Midwest Meeting of College and University Ombuds) provides an opportunity for academic Ombuds to network, share stories and strategies, and offer.

General registration is $75 and includes:

Sunday, July 20
  • New Ombuds Orientation
  • Academic Roundtable Discussion: Challenges Facing Ombuds Practices in Today’s Colleges and Universities
  • Reception
Monday, July 21
  • Welcome and Opening
  • Understanding Victimology: Helping Individual Visitors
  • AO Briefs
  • Lunch / Campus Tour
  • Stress Management for Ombuds
  • 2015 Planning Meeting
  • Practicing Where You Work: The Internal Politics of Academic Ombudsing
  • Ombuds as Change Agent: Elevating Individual Issues as a Policy Concern
  • Closing

Everything takes place in the Alumni Memorial Union at Marquette University.  (2014 Summer Meeting of Academic Ombuds

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  1. I am a new University Ombuds at North Dakota State University. We are an open records state. I'm am looking for information to support the arguments to protect the Ombudsperson's records, and to also discuss the "office of notice" issue visavis the Clery Act. I've found some information but am looking for more. Thanks!!