November 28, 2014

Cal Caucus Publishes Second Online Journal

The California Caucus of College and University Ombuds published its second online, interactive journal. 

Articles include:

  • "When and To Whom Should the Ombuds Report a Problematic Trend?" by Michael Dues and Sue Theiss;
  • "The Merits of a Staff Ombudsman in Higher Education: A Plea for the Widespread Introduction of a Staff Ombudsman in the Higher Education System in the Netherlands" by Paul Herfs and Sytske Teppema;
  • "Institutional Ombudsing: Considering the Role of Discourse" and C. McKenna Lang;
  • "Culture, Fairness and the Brain: A Model for Effective Conflict Engagement" (2013 Conference Summary) by Shirley Nakata;
  • "What Am I Doing and Why Am I Doing It? Reflections on the Ombuds Experience" (2013 Conference Summary) by Emma Williams;
  • "Issues of Workplace and Cyber Bullying" (2013 Conference Summary) Natalie Sharpe and Sue Theiss
  • "Theme Weaving: Cal Caucus 2013" (2013 Conference Summary) by Jenna Brown.
(Cal Caucus Journal.)

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