November 24, 2014

Journal of IOA Looks at Empiricism and Ombuds Practice

The latest issue of the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association is delves into the empirical techniques applied to the Ombuds profession.  The issue is the last for Editor David Miller, who has lead the Journal for five years.

The issue includes these articles:
  • "Moving into Empiricism" by David Miller;
  • "Obituary: James B. Hendry" by Mary Rowe, PhD;
  • "Methods Used in Evaluating the Ombudsman Function of an International Organization" by Marie Bombin;
  • "Influences On An Organizational Ombudsman’s Practice: A Research Report" by Lisa Witzler, PhD;
  • "Ombuds & Mediation: Frequency, Circumstances and Differences Amongst Backgrounds" by Tyler S. Smith;
  • "Enhancing Ombudsman Practice and Outcome: Stage Model of Change and Motivational Interviewing" by J. Kathleen Moore, PhD;
  • "Justine Sentenne, Pioneer Ombudsman at Hydro-Québec, Canada" by Mary Rowe, PhD;
  • "Pioneers of Organizational Ombudsmanry in International Agencies" by David Miller, PhD;
  • "Why and How The Ombuds Office Demonstrates Value To The Organization" by Dr. Bob O’Connor.
(JIOA 7:2.)

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