November 18, 2014

Meet the Ombuds for Kean University

Frank Esposito was appointed to serve as the Ombudsman for the public university in New Jersey in December 2013.  An article in the campus newsletter explains that Kean has had Ombuds off and on since the early 1980’s. Esposito states, “my job is to try to solve problems not solved by the normal route.” 

“People should feel comfortable coming to me with any grievance or problem they come across.” However, he says that people should not come to him first unless they have a road block somewhere--he should be a last resort. 

Esposito has been a part of the university since 1970 and has held several roles, including as Interim President.  He also teaches as a professor of history and education.  He earned a BA and MA from Rowan University and a from PhD from Rutgers University. (Cougar's Byte; Kean Bio.)

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