October 13, 2015

Ombuds at Indiana State University Works with Threat Assessment Team

Like many universities ISU has a multidisciplinary committee to help assess and address threatening or concerning behaviors. The Behavioral Intervention Team at Indiana State, which was created in 2005, receives reports of disruptive, problematic or concerning behavior or misconduct, conducts an investigation, performs a threat assessment and determines the most convenient mechanisms for support, intervention, warning and response. Al Perone, the Associate Dean of Students and Ombudsperson, is a member.

Craig Enyeart, director of student conduct and integrity, said that BIT is an alliance of many groups across campus.
“The Behavioral Intervention Team is actually a national movement,” Enyeart said. “It’s something that almost every institution has implemented for quite some time. It’s a group of individuals made up of the office of student conduct and integrity, the dean of students, the associate dean of students and ombudsperson, the assistant dean of students for student advocacy, members of residential life, the university police, student activities and campus life organizations and the student counseling center. We also have administrative assistant and vice president of student affairs office to represent some of that interest group.”
(Indiana Statesman.)

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