October 28, 2015

Interview With University of Colorado's Outgoing Ombuds

The CU-Boulder campus newsletter recently interviewed Tom Sebok, who has been Director of the Ombuds Office since 1992.  He recaps his work and looks forward to his impending retirement.  For prospective Ombuds, he offers this insight on the profession:

[A]s we search for a new director, it has also become very clear that the field has changed. There are now many more experienced ombuds in the pool than when I applied for the associate ombuds role in 1990. I don’t think anyone in that pool had prior ombuds experience. In addition to ombuds experience, some of the candidates today also have advanced degrees in fields like dispute resolution. This gives them an academic underpinning for their on-the-job experiences. Finally, one of the preferred qualifications for the director position now is something that has only existed for the last five or so years – certification as an organizational ombudsman practitioner.
(CU Connections.)

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  1. Tom Sebok has been a fantastic representative of the Ombuds profession in every way. Thanks Tom!!