October 13, 2015

IOA Seeks Nominations for 2016 Board of Directors

The International Ombudsman Association is inviting nominations from its membership for open positions on its governing board.  For the IOA Board term starting in April 2016, there will be three Director positions open. (The Associate Member Representative position is not currently open.)

Nominees for a Director position on the IOA Board must meet the following requirements:
  1. Have the equivalent of three years of full-time practice as an organizational ombuds, as of April 2016;
  2. Have been a member of IOA for at least two years prior to April 2016;
  3. Be current in their dues;
  4. Be able to serve on the Board, attend meetings, and fully participate in Board activities (nominators are asked to please confirm this requirement with each person nominated); and
  5. Be nominated by at least two IOA Members or Associate Members in good standing.
A nominee is not eligible to run if his or her term would coincide with the term of a current Director or Associate Representative from the same institution or organization.  Although not a requirement, it is preferable for candidates to anticipate being able to complete at least  one full three-year term. All nominations must be received by midnight PST Monday, October 23, 2015.  (IOA Board Nomination Form.)

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