August 28, 2019

FCO/Osgoode Launches Advanced Ombuds Course

In 2013, the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman and Osgoode Professional Development began an certificate program taught by distinguished Ombuds, lawyers, and academics from across Canada. The program has been so successful that a second spring session was added last year. FCO/Osgoode are now offering an advanced course with modules in November 2019 and February 2020.

Session content will include:

Module 1 
Complex Investigations and Inside/Outside 
Perspectives on Ombuds Practice
November 26 & 27, 2019
An in-depth review of a complex, high-profile and high-volume investigation with a focus on the following aspects:
  • how it was determined the investigation would be conducted
  • how the investigation would be funded
  • the resources allocated
  • the outcome with respect to conclusion and recommendations
  • respondents’ and community reaction
  • dissemination of results
  • monitoring the implementation of recommendations
Analysis of the relationship between Ombuds and government, university, corporation or key stakeholder groups, and the various obstacles to the smooth running of these relationships
Strategies for Ombuds on how to interact with the media to ensure that conclusions, recommendations and reports are represented accurately and how to address the perils that can arise from “fake news”

Module 2
Peer and Self Evaluation of Service and Building 
Staff Capacity in Ombuds Practice
February 11 & 12, 2020
Conducting an Ombuds-driven evaluation of Ombuds’ effectiveness and value for money
Exploring the evolution of Ombuds organizations worldwide and the lessons for Canadian Ombuds
Innovation in Ombuds work: systemic investigations done in collaboration with another Officer of the Legislature
Strategies for maintaining an enthusiastic, productive and highly trained staff group
How to deliver high quality and innovative service in early resolution and investigative work on a day-to-day basis
Program Directors are Nora Farrell, former Ombudsperson in the higher education, not-for-profit and public sector; current Ombudsperson in the private sector; and Nadine Mailloux, Ombudsman, City of Laval. Program Faculty are expected to include Rob Behrens, CBE, Ombudsman and Chair, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, United Kingdom; David B. Butt, Barrister and Professional Writer; Jay Chalke, Ombudsperson of British Columbia; Nora Farrell, former Ombudsperson in the higher education, not‑for‑profit and public sector; current Ombudsperson in the private sector; Kevin Fenwick, Executive-in-residence, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina; former Ombudsman of Saskatchewan; former Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Attorney General (Saskatchewan); Ainsley Krone, Deputy Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth; responsible for Research, Investigations, Quality Assurance, and Youth Engagement; Nadine Mailloux, Ombudsman, City of Laval; Howard Sapers, Consultant; former Independent Advisor on Corrections Reform to the Ontario Government and former Correctional Investigator of Canada. (FCO/Osgoode Advanced Certificate.)
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