November 08, 2019

Job Posting: Federal Reserve System

The governing board of the U.S. central bank is hiring an Assistant Ombudsman. The Executive Ombuds position 1) acts as facilitator for the fair and timely resolution of complaints related to the System’s regulatory activities; 2) receives, reviews, and decides claims of retaliatory conduct by System staff; and 3) reports to Board members and senior Board staff on issues that may have a significant impact on the System’s mission, activities, or reputation, including patterns of issues that occur in multiple complaints. In addition, there are collateral administrative duties.

Applicants must have an advanced degree in a field such as law or business, a minimum of five years of specialized experience, and a strong working knowledge of the regulatory and supervisory activities of the Federal Reserve System. The annual salary range for the position (FR-26 to FR-27) is $101,700 to $190,900. The application window will be open at least 30 days and perhaps longer. (FRBOG-Taleo Posting.)

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