December 03, 2019

American Finance Association Appoints Experienced Ombuds

Francine Montemurro has been named the inaugural Ombudsperson for AFA, the academic organization whose focus is the study and promotion of knowledge of financial economics. She has been a University Ombuds for over two decades and will be practicing to IOA standards. According to a charter for the position, Montemurro's primary focus will be to provide information and resources for matters related to AFA core activities, and for "assistance with concerns about AFA activities, an AFA member’s home institution, or the academic profession more broadly."

Montemurro established Boston University’s Office of the Ombuds in September 2009 and continues in that role. Prior to that, she was the University Ombuds at SUNY Binghamton for 12 years. (AFA Ombuds; Charter.)

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