December 09, 2019

Journal of IOA: Research on the Ombuds' Role and Academic Incivility

The latest article published by the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association presents research by Hector Escalante, the Ombuds for the University of the Pacific. He looked at themes in instances of abrasive conduct in higher education and suggests how Ombuds can be more effective. The article is available free through the end of the year.

Here's the abstract for the article, "Abrasive Conduct in Higher Education and the Ombuds Role":
Current research indicates that abrasive conduct or incivility is on the rise in higher education and Ombuds are in unique position to address this behavior. This study provides insights into how other institutions and organizations can address the rise in abrasive conduct amongst university faculty, staff and students. Four common themes emerged from the data analysis. The four themes are listed below:
  1. The Visitor’s story drives the Ombuds experience
  2. How Ombuds Define and Identify Abrasive conduct
  3. The Powerful Impact of the academic structure
  4. Guiding dynamics & the role of the Ombuds
The results of this research provide insight to Ombuds and organizations regarding how the Ombuds role can help identify, address and prevent abrasive conduct.

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